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Unforgettable experiences on the sea for up to 100 people

Fresh air, sea breeze and unforgettable views - luxurious and historically interesting "Mojito" can offer all of that!

Mojito is a 31-meter 3-deck motor ship, which owner has been the Elvis Presley of French aka Johnny Hallyday. During festival the Cannes, Mojito has been visited by many famous movie stars - for example Johnny Depp. Now the ship has sailed to its new home port in the Old Town of Tallinn and is taking everyone interested sailing on the sea.

The ship has 3 floors. On the first floor you may find luxurious cabins, on the second floor there is a spacious salon with kitchen and the bridge of the ship. The third floor, which is a sundeck, is big enough even for golf tournaments.

The salon of the ship can be designed by the client's wishes, for example a buffet or comfortable couches for a smaller group. There is of course also fast internet on the ship, karaoke machine, stereo and video system (which can be used for three TVs at once). On the sun deck there is a bar with cold mojitos and sun loungers for pleasant lying. If needed, the sun deck can be closed with a roof and plastic walls. The cruising speed of the ship is 9-10 units and for example a trip to Naissaar is one hour. The crew is always helpful and dressed in uniforms. Our goal is to be the most exclusive charter ship in the region.

Ship's crew is always dressed in uniforms and ready to serve you as needed. Our goal is to be the most exclusive chartership in this region.

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Different options for events on the sea and trips to islands

Naturally every event you organize is one of a kind and we are willing to find the best solutions for our client. To give you some perception, we will bring out some standard packages with prices.

Cruising on the Tallinn Bay - last season the most popular package was a 2-3 hour trip sailing on the Tallinn Bay with a catering. This 2-hour trip is offered for 1700€ (every next hour 500€). If discussed it is also possible to use the ship for an after party by the pier. It is also possible to bring your own catering if you prefer something different from ours. In this case, the additional fee is 100€. During this pleasant trip, you will receive a tour on the Tallinn Bay. We will also visit the ports of Pirita, Noblessner and Lennusadam.

Summer days in Naissaar - use the opportunity to discover the island of Naissaar with its wonderful nature. We will organize tours with trucks, catering and over-night stay. The prices of the 1-day trip start from 2600€ (the price depends on the time spent on the island). The sailing from Tallinn to Naissaar is one hour.

A restaurant package with a trip to the port of Kakumäe - last year the restaurant "Puri" received praising reviews and this season, we will organize special trips with unique taste experiences to this modern and beautiful port. It is also possible to organize a one-way trip there or back. In order to receive specific offer, please contact us. The sailing from Tallinn to Kakumäe takes 1 hour.

The number of people allowed on board is 100, ask for a specific offer

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Seminars, jubilees, weddings, concerts etc. Accordingly to the nature of the occasion we have corresponding technology and also furniture starting from cocktail tables to seminar chairs. The main chef of Tallink has been on our ship to grill fresh fish for the business mans of Japan and the musician Nublu has had a private concert on board. Last year the brass band opened the regatta of Muhu väin and jazz trio toured on the river of Narva.

People on board can be 100 maximum and if needed the sundeck can be closed with a roof. On the ship, there is a 220V electricity, ice machine, karaoke machine, outdoor bar, big LCD TVs, fast internet and private cabins.

If you wish we can also offer live music starting from jazz-pianists to small orchestras. Believe, it is not as expensive as you may think it is, but it will add a special feeling to your trip.


This summer there will be a few exclusive events under the name”Mojito Live” where there will be live music on board and the bar will serve fancy drinks. When the schedule is confirmed, we will add the dates to our home page.


Book your trip or ask for extra information:


Phone: 5333 1117

Mojito Shipping oü , Sadama 25 , Tallinn